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Longer articles -

The basis for an irreligious morality

Freewill, morality and long-term decisions

Changing morality  -  October 2016

The existence of God

God and suffering

My letters published in Philosophy Now:

Issue 99 - Absolute & relative morality

Issue 100 - Freedom & randomness

Issue 104 - Consequentialism

Issue 110 - Atheism and the argument from evil

Issue 111 - Is & ought - the source of morality

Issue 113 - Freewill & Ebenezer Scrooge

Issue 113 - Chimps & habeas corpus

Issue 114 - Freewill is a theological problem

Issue 119 - Human Rights

Issue 120 - Episodic memory

Issue 123 - Panpsychism -  a critique

Issue 125 - Freedom of will

Issue 127 - Physicalism

Morality (non-religious) -

Philanthropy by the rich and famous

Living with the consequences

Self-driving cars and morality

Violence and the good old days

Altruism, fairness and the law

Fairness amongst Capucin monkeys

Little Brown Monkeys revisited

Morality and Oxytocin

Prejudice - good or bad?

Slippery Slope argument and assisted dying

Democracy and Religion - according to the Pope

Animal rights?

Self-driving cars and the Trolley problem

General topics -

An excess of Human Rights?

The difficulty with Constitutions

Self-consciousness - 'Fun with Filosofers'

Beliefs or just working assumptions?

Inertia - conservative and liberal thought

The inertia of belief

"Death of the author" by Roland Barthes - a critical assessment
Blessed are the Rich
Rights and Obligations
Why is there so little interest in philosophy?
Language and thought
A twig or a branch?  Do our thoughts need words in order to exist?

The reinvention of philosophy

Decisions, decisions

God, freewill and morality -

Religion in its widest sense

God and suffering
Is versus Ought (2015)

Is and Ought - original version of letter to Philosophy Now, published Dec 2015 - Issue 111


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